Monday, July 2, 2018

Jewish Heritage

It seems that the children of the Rabbis are more Jewish than their dads. The younger Jews, especially in America, place more value on their morality than do their parents. They are supporting their Jewish heritage above a blind commitment to the State of Israel.

A poll recently conducted by the Pew Research Center indicated that:

Each U.S. generation is less sympathetic toward Israel than its predecessor. There is no guarantee that the strong pro-Israel consensus that has long been a bipartisan feature of U.S. politics will endure forever.[1]

Younger Jews are offended when Israeli soldiers, firing from behind barricades, shoot, maim and kill unarmed Palestinian protestors living in inhumane condition created by Israel’s multi-decade siege in Gaza. They have:

Learned too much about the forced displacement, and on-going discrimination against an indigenous people to accept that Zionism was, and still is, an innocent project of Jewish liberation… They have questioned the myths and narratives accepted by their parents, while their own understanding of what it should mean to “be Jewish,” in the 21st century feels offended by what they see happening in a country that claims to exist and act in their interest.[2]

The creation and conditions in Gaza have triggered a reaction in the conscience of many younger Jews, especially in America. When Israel continues to bombard Gaza, blockade its water,    electricity and medical supplies, many younger Jews of conscience are saying, “the leaders in Israel may be Jews, but they are certainly not Jewish.”[3]

Jared Kushner does not represent the younger Jews of America.  The New York Jewish Week conducted a survey:

One of the study’s most concerning findings is a decrease in emotional and active support of Israel. While 87 percent of those 55 and older report feeling emotionally connected to Israel, 65 percent of those 18 to 34 feel the same way. And while 71 percent of those 55 and older actively support the Jewish State, less than half – 43 percent – of Jews 18 to 34 do the same.[4]

As of this posting, IDF snipers have shot and killed 133 unarmed protestors and wounded more than 13,000. In dozens of ways, including the declaration that Israel’s democracy applies to Jews only, Israel has demonstrated that the only lives that matter are Jewish lives.

May God strengthen and bless those younger Jews who put the glorious heritage of their faith above the idolatrous worship of the state of Israel.

Thomas Are
July 2, 2018

[1] Robert M. Dann, Israel Among the Nations.  Foreign Affairs, July/August 2016
[2] Jews must Ditch Zionism, Now. April 8, 2018
[3] Older Jews are Officially terrified of Young Jew’s Views of Israel. March 27, 2018
[4], Support for Israel is Tumbling – even among Young Orthodox Jews.  November 1, 2017


  1. It is encouraging to see that young Jews realize that their Religion does not represent what the state of Israel stands for. The line between the Jewish RELIGION and the STATE of Israel have been cleverly blurred, but these intelligent young people see through it...

  2. Yes.

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