Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Knock 'em Down Again

Come on. Let’s knock ‘em down one more time. After all, we are America so we can do anything we want and who is there to stop us.

We, the United States/Israel have:

- Taken their country
- Stolen their land
- Up-rooted their trees
- Torn down their homes
- Built an apartheid wall through their towns and farms
- Locked them behind barbed wire fences and check points
- Bombed their schools, mosques and hospitals
- Attacked any relief vessel ship or truck attempting to deliver supplies
- Checker-boarded their land with Jewish only roads.

So, come on. If they ask for recognition by the United Nations, let’s threaten to cut off all aid to them and any UN member who would vote to include them.

After all, we are America, the nation that goes to war to defend democracy everywhere in the world, even where it doesn’t exist, like in Israel.

“If they really wanted peace,“ politicians say, “Why don’t they come to the table and negotiate?”

Why? Because they have been to the table, over and over again while Israel continued to build the wall snaking down through Palestinian lands walling off water, farms and communities, stepped up the building of Jewish settlements, created more checkpoints and continued to arrest, imprison and assassinate Palestinian leaders. All this was done with the encouragement, protection and money supplied by the United States.

I don’t know what is going to happen this week at the United Nations but if the vote looks like the slightest criticism of Israel, or the slightest concern for the Palestinians, the US will knock ‘em down one more time.

And, somebody, on the evening news, or on the presidential debate platform or from a pulpit needs to ask, “What have the Palestinians ever done to the United States or Americans to deserve our wrath?”

Thomas Are
September 23, 2011