Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What Kind of People

What kind of people would enjoy a sumptuous meal in front of a starving child and simply say, “Go away kid, you bother me.”?  None that I know.  What kind of people would deliberately withhold food and destroy the means of growing food in the context of abundance surrounded by children reaching out for crumbs from the table and simply say, “I don’t care?”  I don’t personally know anyone so calloused because I don’t personally know any Israeli Zionists.  

Next month, Israel will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of occupying Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.  Is that something of which to be proud?

Since the Six Day War Israel has:

            ---Demolished over 48,000 homes in the West Bank and Gaza;
            ---Confiscated over 586,000 acres of Palestinian land the West Bank;
            ---Created 300,000 Palestinian refugees;
            ---Colonized the West Bank with over 600,000 Jewish settlers;
            ---Enacted over 50 laws that discriminate against Israel’s Arab minority, and
---Established an apartheid legal system with civil courts for Jewish settlers and separate    military courts for 4.5 million Palestinians, including indefinite detention without trial and a    conviction rate of over 99%.[1]

Why do we Americans, who years ago quit believing in a “superior race,” continue to support and fund a nation which brags about being a nation for a superior race? What has happened to the voice of those who believe there will be peace for all only when there is justice for all?  As long as America continues to insist that the Palestinians are all terrorists and demand that our friends call them terrorists who are just out to kill Jews, there will be little hope for peace there or living with a clear conscience here.  And Israel will continue to kill, imprison, torture and steal land and water from the Palestinian nation. Over 800,000 Palestinians have been arrested since the 1967 war Israel celebrates this week.[2]

And, what kind of people would look the other way in the presence of such injustice.  Well, my fellow Americans, perhaps we all should look in the mirror.

Thomas Are
May 30, 2017

[1] Fifty Years on…A Call for Liberty and Justice for All,  mailchi.mp, 50 Years of Illegal Occupation. May 26, 2017
[2] Mondoweiss, Letter to President Donald Trump from Families of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails, May 24, 2017.


  1. I tried sending these questions to a few of these internet sites celebrating Israel's 1967 war. None of them would publish it. This is what I asked.
    According to Amnesty International, since 1967 Israel has demolished more than 40,000 homes of innocent Palestinians.  How do they get away with it?  Can you imagine if Iran demolished just one Jewish home in Iran?  And what about other human rights violations that Israel commits towards the Palestinians such as spraying Palestinian homes with sewage?  I can list dozens of other human rights violations and criminal acts that Israel commits but don't have the space.  Why is it only wrong for countries to commit human rights violations "UNLESS ISRAEL DOES IT?"
    Brigadier General James David (retired)

    1. Bottom line: Foreign Jews had the same right to Palestine as Irish Catholics and Mexican atheists, i.e, none whatsoever. Therein lies the root of the conflict.

      Zionism is racism; Zionism is theft; Zionism is fascism; Zionism is doomed. It is not only a curse for Palestine's indigenous Arab inhabitants, but as history and current events attest, a curse for Jews everywhere - another "Golden Calf."

    2. So I guess the so-called Palestinian people are innocent

  2. It is through control of the mainstream media that the Zionists have managed to get away with crimes with impunity. Little do people of the western world in particular know that their own salvation hinges on defeat of Zionism at the birthplace of their state in Palestine.

  3. It should not be forgotten that Israel also invaded and seized Syria's Golan Heights along with Lebanon's Shebaa Farms during the war it launched on 5 June 1967, and is still occupying them.

  4. Nice post. I think in the larger context, every American acts in this way every day. So in fact most of the people you know are, unwittingly perhaps, starving, abandoning in sickness, and even slaughtering vulnerable people everyday both on the streets here and abroad. With the "dumbass comedy," as Robert DeNero called the state of affairs in the US (perhaps tragedy would have been better suited) the awareness and functional compassion of Americans is only going to plummet further.
    I find hope practically impossible, an illusory goal, a mirage in a parched land.

  5. Well, I am not a Jew and I have witnessed these things along with everyone else. But, it is easy to point the finger and miss the whole point. How many homes did the USA destroy in Vietnam? How many homes did the USA destroy in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Oh, you say, but they were enemies and that was war. Oh, is that right? Why then do we not respect what Israel thinks it must do when they are surrounded by enemies who constantly curse them and threaten them with destruction? All mankind is the same. We bless those who bless us and we kill those who curse us. That is true for Republicans, Democrats, Christians and Jews. It is also true for Muslims. Yes, Israel has done wrong, and America has done wrong. The Palestinians and Iranians have done wrong. The Russians have done wrong. The Chinese and Japanese have done wrong. Yes, I agree, look yourself in the mirror. Don't point at the Jews, since that changes the subject. "Lord, it is I."

    1. For what it's worth, I doubt there is a non-Jew Wayne Bent who wrote this. This is typical hasbara.

    2. Zionist troll

    3. Wayne

      Strange, given the mass of factual information so easily available, you make no mention whatsoever of Israel's belligerent/illegal/brutal occupation of Palestinian and other Arab lands it invaded and seized during the war it launched on 5 June 1967, i.e., the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem,the Gaza Strip, which is still illegally occupied by Israel and in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (i.e., Collective Punishments), as well as Syria's Golan Heights and Lebanon's Shebaa Farms.

      You also ignore Israel's well documented and escalating violations of hard won international law, including the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Rome Statute and the Fourth Geneva Convention, etc.

      You seem to be totally unaware that Palestinians are the illegally occupied, Israel is their brutal occupier; Palestinians are the dispossessed, Israel is the ethnic cleanser; Palestinians are the oppressed, Israel is their oppressor; Palestinians are the victims, Israel is their victimizer; Israel is a serial violator of international law, Palestinians have international law on their side.

      In short, GET EDUCATED.

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    5. Wayne,
      The Zionist Jews and their British and American backers are guilty of genocide against the Palestinians. Since the topic is Palestine and the Zionist Jews are genocidaly occupying Palestine then, as you well know, not "pointing at the Jews" would be idiotic you hasbara trolling scum

  6. Retired preacherman THOMAS L. ARE's latest article certainly righteous as far as it goes; pushing a bit further along this track of revelation howsomever: I daresay that nearly all of us older Americans can remember where we were when we first heard the news of what in the interests of rhyming celerity I have recently dubbed the "Jack Whack" (optional = leading with "Dallas" to make it a 3 word phrase). Now the further question arises of whether members of this class can also remember where we were when we first realized that essentially the same bony hand pulled the trigger on JFK, launched the NYC Jewish Lightning Strike of "9/11", committed the last Gaza Massacre [GM'14] and also, by far mainly via leverage over the USGov, murdered tens of millions of other victims worldwide, including Princess Diana and Gone John-John.

    Lest I be accused of insufficient commercialitis, pray let me further announce graphically: The JDF or JAPE* Diagnostic Flag
    [*= "JewAmerican Planetary Empire"] is now on sale in a sturdy, grommeted outdoor vinyl version for "only" $50.00, delivered to your door. All inquiries via email to ==> hal.womack@gmail.com <==
    Pix thereof can be seen on my pages both at Google+ and @ ZuckerTanYahu's [ZTY] FB. Any suggestions for amplified display of the JDF will be welcome to this Old Dog.

    My grip on my new "obamaphone"still somewhat shaky but its # = 415/377-8290

    In public display, of course, the JDF is best paired with a prominent URL so that all interested passersby can properly introduce themselves to the redemptive details of our cleansing worldview.

    I am seeking more kindred souls to lend their talents (cash welcome, too, of course) to develop a web site as a fertile source for a movement to STW ("Save The World").

    Famous names of active interest to our indeed sacred cause include those of Roger Waters and Alison Weir, both having public appearances in the USA in June.

  7. The black people in Africa have been dying of hunger and disease for decades, and no one cares. In fact Africa is very rich. They have wild animals, gold, diamonds, and lots of other natural resources; but the British government steals it all from them, while the people starve. The jews fabricate the holocaust, and to this day people still feel sorry for them. What a joke...

  8. 2 Excellent & Compelling Music Videos Dealing With Serious Subject Matter - Enjoy!!

    'NATO Blues' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fo4PadiA6Y
    'Refugee' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-PB20ZAEp4

  9. RE Syria, please, please read the work of Vanessa Beeley, and Patrick Henningsen on 21st century wire.com. Both these independent courageous researchers and writers have just returned from a month in Syria, talking with the Syrian people and broadcasting live each Sunday for three hours. Vanessa has made many trips to Syria, and a Canadian, Eva Bartlett, has as well. There is another side to the story "Assad is killing his own people"; one learns it from listening to the Syrians they meet, the places they go. We are being duped, lied to, and mislead by the media. Patrick and Vanessa have been lifting the veil for several years now. Another source to learn from is www.UKColumn.org; they do a daily news broadcast which is subsequently available on demand. Brian and Mike are tireless researchers who expose the complicity of msn in the grand deception. Please take advantage of these superb resources.

  10. Broken Bread

    Like broken bread
    And poured out wine,
    So are the children
    Of Palestine,

    Sacrificial lambs
    The Least of These,
    Zion does to them
    As they please,

    A complicit world
    Deaf to their cries,
    As dancing devils
    Destroy their lives,

    Did not a Lamb
    Pay way back when,
    In his broken body
    bear all sin,

    Was He not
    The Bread and Wine,
    The Sacrifice of Palestine?

    What is this present
    Madness then?
    Zion commits
    A mortal sin!

    So eager they,
    So vile... so vain,
    So quick to commit,
    The crime of Cain,

    O Holy One
    Who dwells in Light,
    Save these children,
    From the plight,
    Of those who
    Dwell in darkest night.

    Broken Bread...
    Poured out wine...
    Stop the sacrifice
    Of Palestine.

  11. Keep up the good fight Tom! The only push back I would give is: "Why do we Americans, who years ago quit believing in a “superior race,” continue to support and fund a nation which brags about being a nation for a superior race?" Setting aside the race is a social construct argument, I would argue that we as a nation are not of one mind when it comes to who is superior and who is inferior. I posit that the lens through which we view the Palestine/Israel conflict is our racism; there are those who are deserving of the land and those who are undeserving, facts be damned. I can take you out to lunch and tell you all about it or we can just talk about life.

    1. I might also add you should turn off comments between midnight and 8am; the early bird may get the worm, but the early birds posting on your blog are a gaggle of Raphus cucullatus.

  12. Nazi/Zionism Concept

    The brilliant George Bernard Shaw once said that one could use three concepts to describe the positions of individuals in Nazi Germany: intelligence, decency, and Naziism. He argued that if a person was intelligent, and a Nazi, he was not decent. If he was decent and a Nazi, he was not intelligent. And if he was decent and intelligent, he was not a Nazi.

    I propose we update Shaw's rather astute observations with:

    There are also three concepts to describe the positions of individuals in Zionist Israel: intelligence, decency, and Zionism. We can argue that if a person is intelligent, and a Zionist, he is not decent. If he is decent and a Zionist, he is not intelligent. And if he is decent and intelligent, he is not a Zionist.


  13. "And [...] will [the US] continue to kill,imprison, torture and steal land" You may be totally right but is it right for guilt to be reserved only for Israel ?


  14. http://www.hellstormdocumentary.com/watch/

  15. Impressed by your posts. Can I reproduce some of these in our journal LAW ANIMATED WORLD? Dr. Paul Craig Roberts permits me to do so from his website and I frequently publish his articles. How to contact you by email?

  16. How could you be a Presbyterian minister for 40+ years and miss understanding the Jews as the "Chosen People". It's not a flag of a superior race or people. And, Israel is not all "God-believing Jews"; and Jews are a race and a religion. Being born to Jewish parents does not make one a faithful follower of God - just like attending church does not make one a Christian.

    The Jews were chosen because God found Abraham faithful to the One God. He wanted to set them apart so that He could "work with them"...teach them obedience to Him; teach them how to live; how to worship Him. That's the Chosen part.

    It also came with a burden to be Chosen; in turn God would bless them if they remained obedient and faithful. Being human, of course, they disobeyed at times and the punishments were harsh, but meant to turn them back to God (just like a parent, He disciplines His children). And, they have really been through the mill - captivity for years by the enemy several times, until the turned back to Him (He is faithful, just and holy; overlooking their sin, and their lack of repentance demanded consequences and they separated themselves from relationship with God - since we have free will to obey or not. God does not have fellowship with sin.

    God's covenants are forever. He promised the Jews their homeland (even spelled it out exactly in the Bible) for their obedience and worship of Him. "I will be your God and you will be my people". Other "people" were not worshippers of God, but with Jesus's arrival, and death and resurrection; he bridged the gap between the sinful and the holy God for those who trusted Him.

    The faithful (Jews) were eventually allowed to return to their homeland (which is evident from the Temple and other signs of Jewish life in Jerusalem. When they arrived in the land, (1948) from being exiled and scattered, dying at the hands of a concentration camp monster, it was a barren swampland and desert - mostly uninhabited - a few Jews and a few Arabs. God blessed the Jews and helped them turn it into the productive, green and prosperous nation Israel is now.

    There are Jews who are part of the race, but not religious practicing Jews - and those who are religious - they are in Israel along with many Arabs living peacefully side-by-side.

    There has never been a country/land called Palestine (look it up historically). The Arabs, etc. flocked towards this "rich" land after Israel began to prosper. They had the opportunity to live as the other Arabs, side-by-side with the Jews. Ask the Arabs who are a part of Israel; they are treated the same.

    Then "factions" came along who told the Arabs that the land was theirs and to fight for it, even though they did not previously "occupy" the wasteland. Thus...the wars. The Jews are instructed to defend their "promised land" and in fact claim the land God gave them which extends all the way over to Iraq, Jordan, etc. The Jews made concessions by giving some of the land they won through short wars to the Arabs (against God's instructions). God does not intend that any should perish...they are welcome to enjoy all God's blessings if they repent and turn from their false gods and worship Him. That was the whole point from the beginning. The Arabs can live in the land, but they cannot conquer the land.

    This is all per the Bible

    1. per the Handbook of Bizarre Jewish Mythology. Bizarre and rationally irrelevant. Leave the unknowable to the Unknowable. I wouldn't trust anything out of the Middle East including your bible.

    2. LEH50
      To quote renowned historian/anthropologist and “Holy Land” specialist, Professor Ilene Beatty: “When we speak of ‘Palestinians’ or of the ‘Arab population [of Palestine]‘, we must bear in mind their Canaanite origin. This is important because their legal right to the country stems…from the fact that the Canaanites were first, which gives them priority; their descendants have continued to live there, which gives them continuity; and (except for the 800,000 dispossessed refugees [of 1948 along with the further hundreds of thousands expelled before and after the war Israel launched on 5 June 1967]) they are still living there, which gives them present possession. Thus we see that on purely statistical grounds they have a proven legal right to their own land.” (“Arab and Jew in the Land of Canaan,” 1957)

      To again quote Beatty: "[The Muslims] converted the Canaanites (who, through all the changing sovereignties – although diluted by foreign blood – still formed the backbone of the rural population) to the Muslim faith, intermarried with them; and the language and customs of the crossroads [i.e., Palestine] in time became Arabic; the architecture in time, Arabic; the population itself, partially Arabic." (Arab and Jew in the Land of Canaan, 1957.

      Eminent Jewish historian, Professor Maxime Rodinson, of the Sorbonne, agreed with Beatty: "A small contingent of Arabs from Arabia did indeed conquer the country in the seventh century. But...the Palestinian population soon became Arabized...in a way that it was never to become Latinized or Ottomanized. The invaded melted with the invaders.... [By the 20th century,] the Arab population of Palestine was native in all the usual senses of the word." ("Israel and the Arabs," 1968)

    3. LEH50
      For your much needed edification:

      Regarding "Palestine" and "Palestinians":

      The first known written reference to Palestinians (Peleset) was c.1150 BCE in inscriptions on the temple of Medinet Habut. They were among those who fought with Egypt in Ramesses III’s reign.

      The region between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea was referred to as "Palestine" by the Greek historian Herodotus ("the father of history") during the 5th century BCE.

      100 years later, in the mid-4th Century BCE, Aristotle referred to Palestine while discussing the Dead Sea in his Meteorology. "Again if, as is fabled, there is a lake in Palestine...."

      Jewish historian Josephus's (c.37-100 CE) The Jewish War, Antiquities of the Jews contains copious references to both "Palestine" and "Palestinians."

      Contemporaries of Jesus also routinely referred to Palestine as “Palestine.”
      In the first decade of the 1st Century, the Roman poet Ovid mentioned Palestine in both his famed mythological poem Metamorphoses and his erotic elegy The Art of Love. He also wrote of "the waters of Palestine" in his calendrical poem Fasti. Around the same time, another Latin poet Tibullus wrote of "the crowded cities of Palestine" in a section of "Messalla’s Triumph" in his poem "Delia."

      BTW, the claim that the Roman emperor Hadrian officially changed the name of the region to "Syria Palaestina" or simply "Palestine," in 135 CE is contradicted by the fact that by then, the term "Palestine" had already been in use for over 600 years.

      When the Muslim Arabs arrived in Palestine in the 7th century CE (and liberated its Jewish population from Byzantine oppression), they retained the administrative organization of the territory of Palestine as it had been under the Romans and later, the Byzantines. They referred to the territory as Filastin (no “P” in Arabic.)

      In 1603, Shakespeare wrote in his play Othello: “Emilia: I know a lady in Venice would have walked barefoot to Palestine for a touch of his nether lip.” (Act IV, Scene iii.)

      Herewith, the opening sentence of the section entitled “Filastin” that appears in the book “Dictionary of the Lands,” written by geographer Yaqut ibn Abdullah al-Hamawi in 1225: “Filastin: ...in the direction of Egypt. Its most famous cities are Ashkelon, Ramle, Gaza, Arsuf, Caesaria, Nablus, Jericho, Jaffa and Beit Guvrin.”

      In 1863, The Religious Tract Society of London published its "Pictorial Journey Through the Holy Land; or Scenes of Palestine." In this work Beersheba is described as the southern limit of Palestine. Beersheba lies south-east of Gaza on the northern edge of the Negev desert. Palestine is described as "south of Lebanon".

      European tourist books of the nineteenth century refer to "Palestine," as did Theodor Herzl in his correspondence and the 1917 Balfour Declaration as well as the 1922 Class A League of Nations British Mandate.

    4. LEH50
      More factual information:

      Europeans visited the Holy Land regularly and their diaries provide a portrait of Palestine before the arrival of Zionists. As far back as 1615, the English poet George Sandys found it "a land that flowed with milk and honey; in the midst as it were of the habitable world, and under a temperate clime; adorned with beautiful mountains and luxurious valleys; the rocks producing excellent waters; and no part empty of delight or profit."

      According to Englishwoman Lady Hester Stanhope who was in Palestine in 1810, "The luxuriance of vegetation is not to be described....Fruits of all sorts from the banana to the blackberry are abundant. The banks of the rivers are clothed naturally with oleander and flowering shrubs.... [The Arab orchards near Jaffa] contained lemon, orange, almond, peach, apple, pomegranate and other trees."

      The American missionary, William Thompson, visited all the areas of Palestine between 1832 and 1876 and discovered rich agricultural development throughout the land. Outside Bethlehem, he viewed "the greenery of wheat." Approaching Ramallah, he found "vineyards covering the surrounding hills which were filled with figs and olives, while apples, pomegranates and other fruits were abundant,......near Jenin the soil is planted with cucumber, melons and maize,"....towards Acre he crossed "the green expanse of meadows;" in the Galilee, he found "olive groves." (The Land and the Book, p.24, 107.166, 251,303)

      Sir Moses Montefiore, who travelled to Palestine in 1839 to look for agricultural lands to acquire, described the eastern Galilee as covered with "groves of olive trees, I should think more than five hundred years old, vineyards, much pasture, plenty of wells and abundant excellent water; also fig trees, walnuts, almonds, mulberries etc., and rich fields of wheat, barley and lentils." In the area around Djaouna he found "the highest of cultivation....the inhabitants were good farmers and possessed horses, cows, sheep and goats in great abundance." [Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore. p.169,175-176.]

      In 1859, a British missionary described the southern coast of Palestine as "a very ocean of wheat...the fields would do credit to British farming." (James Reilly, "The Peasantry of Late Ottoman Palestine,")

    5. LEH50

      While visiting Palestine in 1883, Englishman Laurence Oliphant described the Plain of Esdraelon at Acre as being "...in a high state of cultivation. It looks today like a huge green lake of waving wheat, with its village-crowned mounds rising from it like islands and it presents one of the most striking pictures of luxurious fertility which it is possible to conceive." (ibid)

      The Palestinian wheat fields Oliphant described had contributed a great deal to keeping France's population from starvation. According to the French economic historian Paul Masson, "wheat shipments from the Palestinian port of Acre had helped to save southern France from famine on numerous occasions in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries." (Quoted by Marwan R. Beheiry,
      "The Agricultural Exports of Southern Palestine, 1885-1914,")

      Research by Middle East scholar Dr. Alexander Scholch reveals that between 1865 and 1882 "Palestine produced a relatively large agricultural surplus which was marketed in neighbouring countries, such as Egypt and Lebanon, and increasingly exported to Europe. These exports included wheat, barley, durra, maize, sesame, olive oil, soap, oranges, vegetables and cotton. Among the European importers of Palestinian produce were France, England, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Malta." (Alexander Scholch, "The
      Economic Development of Palestine, 1856-1882,")

      Most Palestinians made their living directly or indirectly from farming. Those residing in towns, villages and cities mainly engaged in business and the crafts or served as government workers and professionals. Many of the wealthy were landlords and/or members of older families who held positions in the civil service, the judiciary and associated professions.

      The main source of wealth for all Palestinians was the abundance of food produced on the fertile coastal plain that stretched from Gaza in the south to Acre in the north. For centuries, the country's principle export was its enormous crop of world famous citrus and other fruits from the orchards near Jaffa. The legendary Jaffa orange resulted from an innovated grafting technique devised by Palestinian orchardists. Jaffa oranges were of such high quality that in 1856, Henry Gillman, the American consul in Jerusalem, suggested that Florida citrus growers would improve their crops by studying and adopting Palestinian grafting techniques. "The volume of the 1880 harvest was 36 million oranges. (British report on Palestinian agriculture, Parliamentary Papers, 1881/xc Beyrout, 19.3 1881)

  17. Nobody mentions the hundreds of thousands of Jews living in the Arab countries that were driven out

    1. To quote Yehouda Shenhav, of Iraqi Jewish heritage and professor of sociology and anthropology at Tel Aviv University: “Any reasonable person, Zionist or non-Zionist, must acknowledge that the analogy drawn between Palestinians and Mizrahi [Arab] Jews is unfounded. Palestinian refugees did not want to leave Palestine....Those who left did not do so of their own volition. In contrast, Jews from Arab lands came to this country under the initiative of the State of Israel and Jewish organizations.” (Ha'aretz, 8 October 2004.)

      (1) Avi Shlaim, born into an affluent and influential family in Baghdad: "We are not refugees, nobody expelled us from Iraq, nobody told us that we were unwanted. But we are the victims of the Israeli-Arab conflict." (Ha'aretz, August 11, 2005)

      (2) The late Yisrael Yeshayahu, speaker of the Knesset: "We are not refugees.... We had messianic aspirations."

      (3) Shlomo Hillel, former minister and speaker of the Knesset: "I don't regard the departure of Jews from Arab lands as that of refugees. They came here because they wanted to, as Zionists."

      (4) During a Knesset hearing into the matter, Ran Cohen, member of the Knesset: "I am not a refugee....I came at the behest of Zionism, due to the pull that this land exerts, and due to the idea of redemption. Nobody is going to define me as a refugee."
      (Ha'aretz, October 8, 2004)

      BTW, unable to bear their circumstances and the blatant racism directed towards them by the Ashkenazi/white European Jewish establishment, about 5,000 Moroccan Jews promptly returned to Morocco after arriving in Israel in the late 1940s. In recent years thousands more have returned home and continue to do in order to live a meaningful, peaceful and prosperous life among their Arab/Muslim/Christian brothers and sisters. Morocco is benefitting greatly from their return.

      It should not be forgotten that after being rejected twice, Israel signed the 1949 Lausanne Peace Conference Protocol and declared before the UN General Assembly at the same time that it would comply with UN Resolution 194 (which calls for the repatriation of and/or compensation for the then near 800,000 Palestinian refugees dispossessed and expelled before and during the 1948 war) as a precondition for gaining UN admittance (see UNGA Resolution 273, 11 May 1949.) Israel has since refused to comply with its pledge.

      Also, given its implications for Palestinian refugees who numbered well over one million following the IDF’s expulsion of a further about 25,000 before and during Israel’s first invasion of Egypt in 1956 (in collusion with Britain and Frane) and an additional approximately 250,000 during and after the war it launched on 5 June 1967, Israel is opposed to its citizens of Arab origin being referred to as "refugees."

      Needless to say, any Jew of Arab origin who feels he or she has a legitimate grievance against an Arab country should pursue it through international law. For obvious reasons, Palestinian refugees would heartily welcome such an initiative. The bottom line, however, is that while Palestinians were expelled from their homeland by Jewish militias and the IDF by armed might, several massacres, mass rape and intimidation, they played no role whatsoever in the emigration of or any ill treatment and or loss of assets that Jews of Arab origin experienced in their former homelands. The two cases are separate and distinct, i.e., apples and oranges.

  18. 1945 Tripoli 140 Jews killed
    1947 Aleppo 75 Jews killed
    1941 Iraq 180-800 Jews killed
    1948 Egypt 70 Jews killed
    1956 Egypt 1000 Jews imprisoned under bestial conditions for crime of being Jewish, Entire Jewish population had property seized and were expelled.
    I could go on infinitum. The above outrages do not take into account the run of the mill insults, beatings, robbery and rapes these people endured.To say that the entire Jewish population of the Arab lands left voluntarily, is as honest as to say that the Arabs of Palestine all waltzed happily to Gaza

    1. 1.

      Ah, a classic case of "shooting the messenger." Your argument is not with me. It is with the eminent Jews whom I quoted. They disagree with you. I suggest you contact them.

      There is no denying the fact that there were instances of hostility and violence against Arab Jews in their countries of birth in response to the dispossession, killings and eventual en masse expulsion of Palestinians by foreign Jews during and after late 1947. Through force of arms, mass rape, several massacres and intimidation about 800,000 Palestinians were dispossessed and expelled between late 1947 and the end of 1948. (400,000 were driven out between passage of the recommendatory only UNGA Partition Plan on 29 Nov.'47 and the declaration of the "Jewish state" of Israel by Polish born David Ben-Gurion - real name, David Gruen -effective 15 May/48. (A further 25,000 Palestinians were expelled just prior to and during Israel’s invasion of Egypt in 1956 as were about 250,000 more during and after the war Israel launched on 5 June 1967.)

      Israeli instigated Jewish attacks and violent demonstrations in Iraq and attacks against Iraqi Jews (e.g. by the Israel based "Movement,"), Egypt (the Lavon terror attacks), Arab anger towards Israel and its Jewish supporters increased.

      The situation was worsened by Israel’s refusal to permit the return of the then 800,000 Palestinian refugees despite its formal commitment to do so before the UNGA in 1949 and by signing the 1949 Lausanne Peace Conference Protocol as a precondition for UN admittance after being denied twice; its ongoing violations of the 1949 armistice agreements, including repeated military encroachments and land-grabs in the demilitarized zones between Israeli and Syrian forces; the expulsion, in 1950, of 7000 Bedouins from the El Auja DMZ (separating Egyptian and Israeli forces and part of the 1947 Partition Plan's proposed Palestinian/Arab state); its occupation of the entire El Auja DMZ in 1953; its unjustifiable large scale bloody military incursions into the Palestinian West Bank, the Gaza Strip and neighbouring Arab countries, (e.g., led by Ariel Sharon, the notorious Unit 101’s killing of up to 50 Palestinian refugees during an attack against the El-Bureig refugee camp south of Gaza in August 1953 and its murderous assault on the defenceless West Bank village of Qibya in October 1953 during which 69 Palestinian civilians were slaughtered;

    2. 2.
      the Israeli Air Force's bombing and destruction of the West Bank village of Hahhalin on 28 March 1954, during which nine of its civilian inhabitants were killed and nineteen wounded - the massive mortar bombardment by Jewish forces of the town of Gaza on 5 April 1955 resulting in 62 Palestinians being killed, including 25 women and children and 107 wounded, 46 of them women and children - the invasion of Syria on 11 December 1955 by two Israeli paratroop battalions led by Ariel Sharon resulting in the deaths of 53 Syrian men and three women - the unprovoked attack by 50 Israeli paratroopers on 28 February 1955 against an Egyptian army camp in the Gaza Strip during which 38 Egyptians were killed and 30 wounded - the attack against the West Bank village of Qalqilya by Israel's army and air force on 10 October 1956 causing the deaths of 48 men, women and children - Israel's November 2, 1955 attack from the El Auja DMZ into the Sinai resulting in the death of 50 Egyptian soldiers and the capture of 40 ); the July 1954 Pinchas Lavon Affair (Israeli instigated Egyptian Jewish terrorism in Egypt, including bombings of American and British interests); the skyjacking of a Syrian passenger aircraft and detaining of its four passengers on 12 December 1954; Israel’s brutal and bloody invasion and occupation of Egypt on 29 October 1956 in collusion with Britain and France; the massacre of 51 defenceless Palestinians in the village of Kafr Qasem on the eve of the 1956 war as well as on 3 November, the killing of "at least 275 Palestinians immediately after capturing the [Gaza] Strip during a brutal house-to house search for weapons and fedayeen in Khan Yunis," the killing of 111 Palestinians in "another massive bloodletting" at the Rafah refugee camp (Al Hamishmar, 27 April 1982)

    3. 3.

      Regarding the emigration of Iraqi Jews: Further to the statements by Professor Avi Shlaim in my first posting, I quote American diplomat, Wilbur Crane Eveland, from his book, Ropes of Sand:

      "In attempts to portray the Iraqis as anti-American and to terrorize the Jews, the Zionists planted bombs in the U.S. Information Service library and in synagogues. Soon leaflets began to appear urging Jews to flee to Israel.... Although the Iraqi police later provided our embassy with evidence to show that the synagogue and library bombings, as well as the anti-Jewish and anti-American leaflet campaigns, had been the work of an underground Zionist organization, most of the world believed reports that Arab terrorism had motivated the flight of the Iraqi Jews whom the Zionists had 'rescued' really just in order to increase Israel's Jewish population."

      The U.S. State Department was also well aware of what Israeli agents had done in Iraq to precipitate Jewish emigration: "When [in August 1951] Israel undertook a campaign to get Iranian Jews to immigrate to Israel, the director of the office of Near Eastern affairs in the U.S. Department of State, G. Lewis Jones, told Teddy Kolleck, of Israel's embassy in Washington, that the United States 'would not favour a deliberately generated exodus there,' as he put it, 'along the lines of the ingathering from Iraq.' Kolleck justified Israel's Iraq operation as beneficial for Iraq, stating it was 'better for a country to be homogeneous.'" ("Memorandum of Conversation by the Director of the Office of Near Eastern Affairs (Jones)," August 2, 1951, Foreign Relations of the United States 1951, vol. 6 p. 813, at p. 815 (1982)

      Enough said.
      I have neither the time nor the desire to continue this exchange. I suggest you get to the real history books and do some serious research.
      Bye, bye.

  19. As to Mr Are's comments that the personally does not know any Zionists, perhaps he should make an effort to do so. I would like to know of some Presbyterians who spoke up when Jewish children were hung upside down and skin
    ned alive by their fellow Christians during WW II

  20. I would suggest that for you leftists out there-get an education.Read about the Iran persecutions of Jews-1859, the killings and forced conversions. Check out the Dhimmi, by Bat Ye'or. Islamic version of Jim Crowm