Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Israel Celebrates

To this day, Israel sanctifies the massacre and displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in what it calls its war of independence in 1948. The indigenous residents of Palestine were pushed into refugee camps all across Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Gaza. Israel actually brags to its own people about reclaiming the gift from God to the Jews.

Then, two decades later, Israel launched a surprise attack on its neighbors and gained what it calls “the liberation of Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights.” Yet, what it calls a “liberation” was actually the occupation of the land, labor and resources of a weaker and mostly unarmed people. Israel celebrates five decades of demolishing homes, stealing water, erecting hundreds of checkpoints, putting Palestinians, including children, in Israeli prisons, building a wall through the West Bank separating kids from their schools, farmers from their fields and the sick and wounded from their hospitals. Israel’s Six Day War also built an effective apartheid system.

Meretz chairperson of Zehava Galon said the celebration is of a massive human rights violation:

Israel has controlled millions of people for 50 years, treads on them every day anew and denies them rights and sovereignty.

And, that’s not the worst of it. Haaretz notes:

The 1967 war led to the growth of unbridled national arrogance, which exacted an awful price in blood over the past 50 years and turned the military victory into a moral defeat. In retrospect, it should be called the 50-Year War, and judging by the political situation, its life expectancy appears endless.[1]

This fifty years of oppression should be a source of shame, not a reason for celebration.

However, Israel does have cause to celebrate. It has over powered its non-Jewish citizens and neighbors for half a century and at the same time convinced the world, especially the United States, that all this time it has been the victim. Now, that is quite an accomplishment.

And Donald Trump grins in a total fog.

Thomas Are
April 25, 2017

[1] Both of these quotes come from Israel Will Celebrate 50th Anniversary of ’67 War in – an Illegal Settlement,  Mondoweiss, April 17, 2017


  1. Thank you for a timely reminder of the suffering of Israel's victims and the injustice dished out to Palestinians. Only people blessed with moral rectitude do that; others are complicit in Israel's crimes.

  2. I would recommend to learn history rather than distort history. Poisoning the air with false narrative is contradictory to qualitative approach.

    1. history is told by the victor and we know thanks to the internet that the victors r fu--face liars

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  5. Israel is a theocratic, backwards, genocidal freak lunatic nation.

    Yet americans are brainwashed - successfully - into believing that Israel is the will of their christian god, or that it stands for what they believe are "american values".

    For the former, american christians should return to their gospels and learn about their god.

    For the latter, americans should either revise their values, or take a closer look at what their supposed values are.

    In either case, none is compatible with the state of Israel.

  6. Read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 about false Jews and Romans 2:28-29 about real Jews with changed hearts.

  7. im a juhader and are dam proud of it....im looking for a reason to war on these maggotts two eyes for an eye