Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Tipping Point

While giving Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner, President, NY Board of Rabbis,  a chance to defend Israel’s massacre of Gaza on MSNBC All in With Chris Hayes, the Rabbi said, “But,. Egypt is with us.”  Hayes raised his voice, ”My lands, the government of Egypt kills a thousand people a day and condemned 800 to death in one trial. The government of Egypt overthrew the Hamas friendly Muslim Brotherhood government and seized power.  Of course, they are going to support Israel’s war against Hamas. But I don’t think that is anything for Israel to brag about.”[1]

Not only am I am encouraged by Chris Hayes,  Rowan Farrow is now talking about a “tipping point” in America’s support for Israel

Every night, we see bombed out buildings, women and children running in fear for their lives, and they have reason to be afraid;  over 1,800 Palestinians killed so far, almost 10,000 injured and 280,000 displaced.  No electricity or water because Israel bombed their only remaining electric plant.  Americans are good people and given the picture as shown in the nightly news, we will oppose such gross injustice and cruelty, in spite of media spin. We are reaching a tipping point.

CNN says Hamas “kidnapped a soldier, Kerry says he was “abducted” and the White House says it was a ‘barbaric’ violation of the ceasefire. How they can say that when Israel kidnapped and abducted 700 Palestinians, after three teens were killed, is beyond me. So it is “detain” if Israel does it, and “abduct”, “kidnap”, or worse if the Palestinians do it. “Barbaric” is a term used to describe the capturing of a Jewish soldier, but inappropriate to describe the slaughter of 300 Palestinian children. By the way, as it turned out, the soldier was not captured. He died in a fight with Hamas defenders.

And where was this soldier killed? Not in his home feeding his children, but deep inside  Gaza, seeking to destroy the tunnels which were the only means through which some Palestinian Dad has to feed his children.  

It is significant to point out that tunnels, which have become such a media propaganda tool for Israel, were never used to transport Hamas defenders into Israel before the bombing of Gaza started a month ago. No Israeli soldier or civilian had been attacked by tunnel infiltrators during the seven years Israel had Gaza locked down.  

According to the research done by General James David in an email sent on July 31, 2014, to a Jewish friend:

The Israelis try to justify their attacks by claiming that Hamas uses tunnels to infiltrate, attack, and kill innocent Jews. But, just go back this year before this war began earlier this month, July 2nd. Hamas has never attacked any Israelis and there have been no Israelis killed. On the other hand, there have been 123 Palestinians killed in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and hundreds of Palestinian homes demolished…. There have also been hundreds of attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank called, “price-tag” attacks by extremist settlers, destroying cars, uprooting hundreds of olive trees, and even beating Palestinian children.

The Rabbi may be proud that Egypt supports Israel in spite of its crimes against Palestinians.  However, he does not mention that Bolivia, declared Israel a “terrorist state,” and that Brazil, Peru, Chili and El Salvador have called their ambassadors home.[2]

Gaza has become the most tragic place in the world to live, a place where 1.8 million people, fellow human beings, live with poverty, hunger, sickness, imprisonment and humiliation every day. They live without electricity and water while depending upon charity handouts of food to survive.

I can only imagine what a Palestinian doctor must feel while trying to treat screaming children whose bodies have been torn apart. He works with limited medicines, anesthesia or sterile instruments. His shoes stick to the floor because of the blood as he tries to focus on the task at hand. He has not slept for 48 hours. The need for his care is overwhelming. And then the hospital is bombed. There is no child in Gaza who has not been frightened, wounded or killed by bombs in the past 27 days.  It’s Netanyahu’s version of “No Child Left Behind.” I can not even imagine the fear in the faces of children who have suddenly become orphans without a home or family left to care for them. I don’t have the capacity to put myself in their place.

Someone asked, “What do the people of Gaza want?”  Well, they want exactly what we want; a chance to live life without humiliation, a life in which they may care for their families and give their children a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labors in freedom and dignity.

While the Rabbi has the audacity to challenge the concern of Chris Hayes for the suffering of Palestinians and tries to picture Israel as the victim, more and more people are reaching the tipping point.  At least, I hope so.  

                                                                                    Thomas Are
                                                                                    August 3, 2014

[1] MSNBS, All in with Chris Hayes, August 1, 2014
[2] Paul Craig Roberts, South America Takes Moral Leadership Away From the Immoral West. July 30, 2014. 

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