Monday, November 10, 2008

More Bush Style Cronyism?

John McCain likes ninety percent of George Bush. Why should we be surprised by his selection of Sarah Palin? It’s called cronyism which means putting someone in a highly responsible job, not because of their qualifications, but because of the political advantage they bring to the appointer.

Remember “You’re doing a heck of a job, Brownie?” That was as New Orleans drowned and thousands of people were rapidly running out of food and water and 1,836 were dead or dying. Michael Brown had served as “The Czar” of the International Arabian Horse Association,” with no emergency disaster experience when named Director of FAMA. But he was a loyal Bush supporter who had worked the Florida recount controversy of 2000.

And what about Monica Goodling, a 33 year old graduate of Pat Robertson’s law school who was put in charge of judging the performance of ninety-five U.S. Attorneys? She had never been a prosecutor, but she was a Bush supporter, a crony appointed to the third most powerful position in the Justice Department, and she was beautiful even when taking the Fifth Amendment when called upon to testify before Congress.

Now, John McCain, 72 years old with a history of cancer, puts a totally unknown Sarah Palin in a job which could propel her into becoming the most powerful person on earth. She may not be qualified but she brings political capital. She is anti-abortion, anti-gays, pro-guns and pro-big oil. Besides that, she is beautiful with a history too short to critique.

We have had two years to put Obama through the wringer. We will have two months to get Sarah Palin, another Bush style crony appointment, qualified to sit in the Oval office with the job of rebuilding America and engaging the world. Wow!

Thomas Are
August 30, 2008

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