Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Who cares?

                                                                Who Cares?

Doctors without Borders reports:

In the year since the Great March of Return began, thousands of Palestinians, mostly young men, from the Gaza Strip have suffered life changing injuries at the hands of Israeli forces.[i]

Most have developed “severe bone infections”,  In fact, Israeli forces have injured more than 7,400 Palestinians during the protest. But, who cares?

Certainly not Benjamin Netanyahu. After all, it is his troops who are causing the suffering. If the Palestinians would just get off the world’s stage, all would be well.

And certainly not Donald Trump. To him, the world belongs only to the winners, like himself,  and anyone can see, the Palestinians are not winning.

So, what can we do, if we care?.  We might read the news with more critical eyes and talk to our friends.

You see, when you get down to it, it’s not the Palestinians who are on trial here. We are.
Are we the kind of Americans who care?  I can only hope so.

Thomas Are
September 10, 2019

[i] Yumma Patel, Over 1,000 patients In Gaza s uffering from “severe infections from gunshot wounds sustained in GrwatMarch of Return. Mondoweiss.net, Sptember 4, 2019.


  1. We are always communicating our state and understanding whether we want to or like it or not. Thank you, Thomas for your Heart Felt communications. They remind me that Jesus was a Nazorean, not a Christian--that later development given out by that other guy, from Tarsus.

  2. Is it wrong to suggest that the Zionist controlled Media will never tell the true story of what Israel is doing in Palestine? It is up to every Individual to do their own Research, and find ways to contribute to Palestinian causes. At the very least, support #BDS...

  3. I care, if there is anyone "out there" who wishes to donate to the Palestinian bicycle racer who innocently lost his leg, please respond

  4. Thank you for shining the light of compassion on the Palestinian people, and calling us Americans to awaken from the cultural trance imposed by our education, vaccinations, media, toxic food, and overall disconnectedness from our basic intelligence and awareness.

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